We are a collective of tea lovers and global herbalists, who began our wellness journey long ago. Using tea as a tonic, we offer a range of exclusive blends that work alongside our catalogue of mindful services, we believe that you can are what you choose and our blends can help build a more conscious, introspective lifestyle.

Jennifer Chow

Our founder, Jen Chow is a psychology and wellness expert based in Hong Kong. Combining her areas of expertise has allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be in tune with your body and how to nourish it. She created YHT.life out of her passion for tea and has concocted an exclusive range of tea melanges that centre around raw ingredients, taste and most importantly, wellness.

All Natural Wellness

YHT.life offers an array of personal and corporate packages to bring the holistic wellness lifestyle where it is needed most. Nothing but raw tea plucked from the farmlands and sold from farm to teacup. We often collaborate with brands who share our values to make accessible, you can follow us on Instagram to find our latest events.

Blend Concierge

We recognise that tea is an extremely personal kind of indulgence. For that reason, YHT.life offers a bespoke blend concierge service that allows you to tailor a blend to your specifications. Whether to remedy, to unwind or to invigorate, our Tea Mixologist will help you explore new flavour profiles or can even help you create your signature cup of choice. With our worldly knowledge of tea and a close relationship with each tea farmer, we are able to provide a uniquely individual for you.

The Power of Taste

The most indulgent of the 5 senses, taste can transport the mind, can comfort and also excite. Tea is both luxurious and simple all at once, and the right blend can say more than words. YHT.life has embarked on a journey to discover, blend and savour the tea leaves of the world – helping both people and brands to explore their flavour palette.