YHT represents a lifestylelive happy and healthy

Our focus: body, mind and wellness. With a range of tea tonics and workshops, we aim to help you improve from inside and out. 

Our tea tonics symbolises our “farm-to-teacup” ideology. Every sip comes from the farm, nothing more.
This is ensured, as we take pride in having the highest standard—more than organic, it’s biodynamic.

In simple terms, biodynamic means we’re eco-friendly. Tracing back to the origin, using traditional farming methods in the modern world, with no artificial chemicals.

This is our commitment to your wellbeing. This is YHT.

All Natural Wellness

YHT offers a holistic wellness lifestyle with a range of products—including “farm-to-teacup” tea from biodynamic farms—and services. We are excited to collaborate with brands that share the same values. Together, we want to take tea drinking to the next level—drink what is delightful, and drink what helps you.

Blend Concierge

YHT Blend Concierge offers bespoke tea blending to tailor a blend that meets your delicate taste. Combining with our expert knowledge in tea, our tight and vast network of tea farmers allows us to offer you a unique delightful blend—to remedy, unwind, and revitalise. We are here to assist you on exploring new flavours and finding your signature cup of tea.

The Power of Taste

Our five senses allow us to experience life. Taste, in particular, allows us to perceive flavours through our palette. YHT is your guide to discovering the realm of tea, and finding the blend that speaks more than a thousand words. Let the journey begin.